USTICA. Riccardo, the guy who has changed the destiny of the island

(Roberto Rizzuto) There are stories that change individual and collective destinies; which mark a boundary between something that, until a moment before, was not there, but after that, all of a sudden, there is.

Take, for example, the island of Ustica, a strip of land, large just eight square kilometers, located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea: until recently it was known in Italy and abroad, mainly, for the beauty and purity of its waters, for its characteristic elements of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, because of its history that has its roots in the Age of Bronze, for the quality of its food products.

Then, one day, a local guy, Riccardo Cannella, gave a twist to his and to the island’s destiny; he did it in the most genuine and effective way possible: he chased a dream and turned it in reality, with the effort and the seriousness of his work.

In 2012, Riccardo, directing passionate, shot in Ustica a so well made and innovative web series, Run Away, to achieve a resounding international success, certified by the conquest of numerous awards around the world, in the most important Festivals of the sector.

Two years later, again in Ustica, Cannella shot his second series, Web Horror Story, then worked to the creation and to the organization of the Sicily Web Fest, an international Festival, which, in the first edition, in 2015, brought to the island a hundred of young people coming from all over the world, including directors, writers and actors.

A resounding success, repeated this year on the occasion of the second edition of the Festival, just ended. Many young artists who otherwise would never have come to know and visit the island, came to Ustica from the remotest corners of the planet. All put together by a dream, Riccardo’s dream, who has created a new excellence, another one, for which the island of Ustica can be today proud of itself. Well done, Riccardo. Keep up the great work you have done so far!



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